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Interior Project
Pentas @ Alam Impian



Cool and calm color works in any space, from the kitchen to the bedroom, and compliments any style of furniture, artwork, and accessories. The hue looks beautiful paired with classic white trim and ceilings. It can even be applied from top-to-bottom to bring a sense of coziness. High-gloss finishes add a sense of luxury and give the space a soft glow by reflecting light. The bedroom is a sensual feast in grey and white. A standard design without the little details, the complexion of the room is easily changed by a white comforter set, classy wooden flooring and gorgeous drapes. The gorgeous living room centers around a chunky sofa, which is a beautiful dark piece in the room. A set of shelves right under the television display a small selection of decorative items, adding elegance to the room. The grey shade of the sofa gives a wonderfully subtle definition within the room.